Your website is the first thing people see even before looking at the content. The best approach to creating a great website is through working backward. This is questions you should ask yourself when planning.

  • What means will you use to get people to your site?

In other words, how will you draw the target viewers to your website? There are many techniques that people employ to attract the audience on their websites. This includes, social media, pay per click or search engine optimization. Well, consider all the properly and settle on that which work best for you.

  • Who is your audience?

While targeting a specific audience is good, a great website needs to take in all kind of audience and direct them to where they can find what they are searching for. Try and have something for everyone. This doesn’t mean that you try and please everyone rather lay out your site in a way that a visitor can find something related to what they are looking for. Ensure that you benefit the majority of those who visit your site.

  • What does your audience specifically need?

For a visitor to reach your site, most of the time he or she never clicked that link accidentally. Thus, it is your job to make sure that the visitor doesn’t bounce off immediately rather take interest in what your sites offering. Let the visitor be able to find crucial information easily and first.

  • What should your visitor do while on your website?

Spell out correctly what you would what the audience too. If you are selling something display it there and explain how they can go about it. The good site guides its audience to where they should end up.

Before you sit down and create your website, ensure that you can picture answers to the question above and for sure everything will go fine.