Getting and making a website has never been easier. There are millions of active websites on the internet today, and only 70 percent of those were built by a professional web developer. Today anybody can make a website if he or she can read and understand the instructions. Making a website doesn’t matter, what matters is making a great website.

In this article, we are going to write down the steps to follow when making a website. Well, it will sound simple but before you go rushing on things, it would be nice to first think of what you want to do with it. In this guide, we are building a website for the cryptocurrency.

Choose a Website Builder

Website builder gives anyone the ability to create a website without necessarily knowing the technical or back-end part. It takes care of the technical part and gives you the freedom to design the website. When choosing a builder, look out for one that is secure, easy to use and give you value for money.

Sign Up for the Right Plan

Once you have selected a website builder to work with, select the right plan that suits your need perfectly. Many sites offer a range of plans that suit different kinds of customers.

Choose a Domain

Domain name is the more like the identity of your website. It forms a part of your URL. Most website builder will offer you a suggestion you can pick from. Get a nice domain name that perfectly defines what your website is all about.

Pick the template and customize it

Some websites provide templates that you can use. The template offers an easy outline for the website. Choose a template that matches your theme, customize it to suit you perfectly.

Publish your website

Before you publish your website, ensure that you preview it to ensure it looks as planned. Finally, click the publish button and you are done.