Cryptocurrencies are quickly taking their place among exchange currencies across the world. Today, people with cryptocurrency wealth are considered genuinely rich, and this currency can also be used to pay for everyday purchases with ease.

The absence of cross-border limitations has been a great factor in supporting the growth of cryptocurrencies. However, the area is still largely unexploited and offers a lot of opportunities. From educating people about different cryptocurrencies to actually buying and selling them, the industry has a lot of potentials.

With a good Crypto Platform, you could easily turn yourself into the next millionaire with cryptocurrencies. When building such a site, however, there is one seemingly small but very crucial thing that you will need to include – the ā€™sā€™ in your HTTP address. Yes, that single letter could make all the difference between a successful site and one that will never take off.

It will be important in two ways:

  • It makes your site better listed by search engines, hence easier to find.
  • It helps you earn the trust of the people who visit your site.

The ā€™sā€™ is a sign of a secure site. It is acquired by purchasing a ‘Secure Socket Layer’ certificate, which is an assurance that the process of exchanging data on your site and with third parties is secure.

Always remember that cryptocurrency, though not tangible, is money. People are very sensitive with their money matters and want every bit of assurance that their details or wealth is not going to get lost.

What’s worse, besides frowning upon your plain ‘HTTP’ site during indexing, Google, the world’s most popular search engine, explicitly tells your visitors that your site is not secure. Even without having experienced any breach of security, this single warning is enough to chase many visitors away from your site.

It really is not the fairest classification of secure and insecure sites, but an ‘https’ address is vital when building a cryptocurrency website.